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How to pick the right arrows?

We are working on this page at the moment, soon you will find all the information you need to pick the right arrows for you and your bow!

In the meantime you can always contact us with all your archery questions!

Trekgewicht boog:
Pijllengte: 26 inch26,5 inch27 inch27,5 inch28 inch28,5 inch29 inch29,5 inch30 inch30,5 inch31 inch31,5 inch32 inch
Puntgewicht (inclusief insert) 30 grain50 grain70 grain75 grain80 grain85 grain90 grain100 grain115 grain125 grain130 grain135 grain140 grain145 grain150 grain175 grain200 grain225 grain250 grain275 grain300 grain
Kies boogtype Selfbow/RuiterboogRechte LongbowReflex/deflex LongbowRecurve boog
Kies peesmateriaal DacronFast flight materiaal (of vergelijkbaar)
Kies aantal strands: 10 of minder 10 - 1616 of meer
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