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New products

elToro Velours Take Down Bow Bag
Velvet bag with compartments for your riser and limbs, besides that it also has enough space to store some accessories. Features Length: approx. 80 cm (32 inch)Width: 24 cmAvailable colours: Dark brown and light brown
Easton Nock Super 3D
The Easton Super Nock fits every Easton arrow with the super-uni-system.It is specifically designed for 3D and is available in multiple colors.
From €0.70
Antur String Silencers
These great Antur String Silencers are available in multiple bright colours and are made of natural fur. String silencers absorb sounds and vibrations of the string, ensuring a silent shot. The Antur String Silencers are delivered in a set of two pieces.
€7.95 €7.50
Spigarelli Tab BB+ Cordovan
Features Spigarelli Tab BB+ Cordovan: Optimised for barebow style shooting Cordovan face for the best combination of durability and feel Single piece leather face for an under arrow, three finger shooting style Adjustable depth regulator ensures the same grip at every shot Material: Anodized aluminium & Cordovan leather Small or Medium size
Bohning Classic Nock
Made for wooden shafts. Has an extra large index wing on top. Specifications Size: 5/16 or 11/32 Model: Tapered Type: Glue on Available in various colours
Buck Trail Kite 66inch Longbow
Beautiful longbow from Buck Trail, ideal for the novice archer. The handle of this bow consists of artificial rosewood, the limbs consist of maple and fiberglass. With its 66 inch length, this bow is especially suitable for shooters with a shorter drawlength, up to a maximum of 30 inches.This bow comes complete with:- Dacron string- Traditional arrow rest- 2 nock pointsFeatures Buck Trail Kite Longbow:Bow length: 66 inchesAvailable draw weights: 25 to 55 Lbs (in 5 Lbs increments)Handle material: Artificial Rosewood Slat material: Maple & FiberglassMaximum draw length: 30 inchesRecommended string height: 7 - 7.5 inchesRecommended string: Dacron
3Di Target Frog Black
Great and fun target by 3Di. This green frog can be placed easily on either the ground or a platform. A fantastic addition to your training targets, but also highly suitable for competitions. Specifications 3Di Target Frog Black: Length: 26cm Height: 21cm Category: IV Killzones: 4 A fantastic and quality 3D target for a nice price!
3Di Bunny
A fantastic addition to your training targets, but also highly suitable for competitions.Features 3Di BunnyLength: 17 cmHeight: 38 cmCategory: IV Killzones: 4A quality 3D target for a good price!
3Di Duck
Features 3Di DuckLength: 23 cmHeight: 39 cmWidth: 17 cmWeight: 1,5 kgCategory: IVKillzones: 2A fantastic and quality 3D target for a good price!
Samick Sage 68inch Longbow
The longbow version of the popular Samick Sage take-down bow. the handle of this classic looking bow is made of oak and walnut, the slats consist of maple finished with a layer of black fiberglass. The tips are of course reinforced so that this bow can handle modern Fast Flight string materials. This bow comes with:- Fast Flight String- Traditional Arrow Rest- 2 nock pointsSamick Sage Longbow features:Bow length: 68inchavailable draw weights: 25 - 55 Lbs (in steps of 5 Lbs)Handle material: Walnut, Oak & DymondwoodRecommended string height: 6.5 - 7.5 inchesRecommended string: Fast FlightReinforced tips

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